March 2020, a subrealist Film

denia, marineta casiana

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you are all perfectly or that you are in the process of being.

We are all well but rare, we are very very rare. Any other year we would be managing all the daily reservations that for these dates we are receiving for Easter, and in a few days we would be receiving many of you to give you the keys to your vacation. We would all be making the first contact with our wonderful beaches in Denia for the first time this year, because yes, after the storm Gloria they were all ready to welcome us all. But it will not be possible, we are not preparing all our apartments to be ready for Easter, or managing your calls and confirmation of reservations online for this Easter, and that is why we are rare.

Like everyone, we want all this to happen, and to happen well and as quickly as possible. We want, we hope … we need to return to normal soon. Although we know that for that there are still a few weeks from here we want to give you all a lot of encouragement and wish you the best of luck because we want to see you soon. Our greatest hope would be that this next summer would be a return to the good reality, which we all like, that we could enjoy the summer holidays in Denia with the greatest of normality.

For this movie to end soon, now is the time: #stayOnHouse

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